Does your ecommerce business look like this? Sleeping next to your inventory, working in your living room…your army is your mother, cousins and neighbours If COVID-19 and social distancing has turned your operations into a one-man army, is there an affordable solution for your ecommerce business? Read on… With COVID-19 ravaging the world, we see new consumer behaviour emerging during this unprecedented time.

What is Fulfilment?

Consumers have turned cautious as the global economy has come to a standstill. For most, the priority is to keep food on the table, and life as usual for as far as possible.
Does your ecommerce business belong to the essential or non-essential product category? Whether your sales have grind to a halt, or you are selling more than you ever did, you are dealing with one and the same problem…that is your operational cost and resources don’t match your current state of your business.

There is a simple solution to all of this. It’s a service that stores your goods, prepares and ships your ecommerce orders according to your sales, but you only pay for what you use, without deposits or fixed costs. Sounds good?

The simple definition is…everything you are currently doing yourself, but done professionally, using systems, standardized processes and trained personnel. Your goods stored and secured in a purpose-built modern warehouse. With operations that deliver a consistent service level with speed and accuracy.

Why Use Fulfilment Service ?

The key consideration is how well are you doing it yourself ? How much time is taken away from growing your business. Do your orders return rate tell you how well you are doing?

Ensuring the right products, in the right quantity, are packed together in the same order, is no easy task. If your products look physically similar, except for a small label that indicates the difference – like style, colour or size…you have a much harder time.

Next, keeping stock of bulky packing materials eats up space and clutters your work area. Using sufficient amounts of the right materials to protect the package for shipping is important. Too much means more cost, too little could potentially lead to damaged products on arrival.
Now, here comes the most tedious part, print a bunch of shipping labels, then match the right shipping label to the right package. Wait…how do you ensure the right shipping label is attached to the right package? Who ensures it’s done correctly each and every time?

Smart ecommerce sellers wouldn’t waste their time doing this. It’s laborious, repetitive and time consuming. Hiring an army of freelancers solves the problem, except the solution itself is another problem. Some turn up for work, while others don’t. With new faces, each day presents a different set of surprises.

Don’t forget the fact that you either have too much or too little space for your goods. Storing your goods without shelving means stacking boxes on boxes. Taking an item from the bottom takes more time and effort. Without records of what’s under inventory, good luck finding the last piece.

Smart ecommerce sellers wouldn’t waste their time doing this

It’s laborious, repetitive and time consuming. Hiring an army of freelancers solves the problem, except the solution itself is another problem.


Your operational cost does not mirror your sales. Whether your business is up or down, your running cost is mostly fixed. In high season, you lack storage space. During hot ecommerce days, you lack people. Fulfilment is a solution that takes care of all this and provides resources like water from a tap…only when you need it.

Speed & Accuracy

With physical work, preparing orders for shipping is prone to human error. With physical work, preparing orders for shipping is prone to human error. Wrong product, wrong quantity, wrong customer data, wrong shipping label, and more. Getting it right consistently, quickly, and accurately, requires systems, processes, trained people, supervision and enforcement. A fulfilment solution can provide same-day or next-day dispatch with order accuracy up to 99%.

Real-Time Inventory Data

Relying on spreadsheets to manage inventory is as accurate as the data entered. If your physical inventory is still managed using stock cards, pen and paper, what good is days old data when your stock is already out of the door? Moreover, sales models on e-commerce platforms such as Tiki, Lazada, Shoppe, Sendo … need to update the exact number of goods in stock to avoid over-selling the remaining goods.

Fulfilment centers marry warehouse management systems with mobile devices to capture up-to-the-minute inventory movement. These systems are significant investments and require training to operate and use. True fulfilment warehouses provide real-time data, many don’t. Ask for it and say goodbye to missed opportunities, lost sales and simply faster decision making.

Is Fulfilment For You ?

Managing ecommerce orders on your own can be made simple – until you want to scale up and grow your business. Perhaps your orders return rate is eating into your profits or your return cargo is holding up your cash flow.

To truly up your game, you need to focus on sales, marketing and your customers, without worry for your operations. At Whitebox, we provide growing ecommerce businesses with affordable fulfilment solutions with transparent pricing and a reliable service level.

Our services include storage, pick and pack, processing your orders for shipping. Unlike traditional warehouse services who simply provide storage, Whitebox provides all the services to boost your ecommerce business.
Whitebox services are designed to deliver cost efficient fulfilment solutions for small and established ecommerce businesses like yours. With pay-for-what-you-use pricing model, your operational costs will mirror your sales in low and high season, never too much, always affordable.

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